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Salesforce Certification Tip: How to get Salesforce Developer Certification (DEV-401) studying only 12 hours ?

What to study to pass the certification exam?

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There is a LOT of good resources to study in order to get the Developer Certification (aka DEV-401). Well, I my opinion if you have a good previous experience working on the platform, let’s say more than 6 months, you don’t need to study too much to pass the exam. 

Having said that, If you focus the main points to be asked during the exam I believe you could success investing only 12 hours of study.

Those next resources were key for me:
  1. Study Guide: It is quite important to understand the topics than will be part of the exam. (30m)
  2. Force Platform Fundamentals: This is the main resource. The exam is based mostly in questions formed with samples from this book. This book explains the main features of Force.com Platform guiding over an use case called “Universal Recruitment”. Here I’ll review every non-coding developer feature like: Custom Objects, Relations, Fields, Page layouts, Security, Roles, Profiles, Applications, Views, etc, etc.  If those concepts are not new for you, you will complete it in less than 8h.
  3. Summary: There is plenty of good summaries but this is awesome. Simple, short and extend enough. This excellent post will give you a clear idea of the main limits and amounts that is good to remember. Besides the precise components definitions.
  4. Dumps: Last but not least, I think that is a good idea to get familiar with the exam methodology. Dumps for that are the faster way. This post has a good amount of question samples (they are real, old but real questions). However, take those questions as a practise over the methodology and not over the content of them because many of the answers are wrong. (1.5h)

Extra Resource

If you have time available to keep studying I found the complete podcast of lessons of DEV-401. Those videos are a slower but deeper way to know 95% of the topics that will be asked during the exam. (**20h)

Summing up

As I said, if you have previous experience in force.com and a good technical background from my point of view you can pass the Developer Certification exam just studying well those resources.
Good luck!

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