Salesforce1 Tip: How to set different Visualfore page for Salesforce 1 and desktop UI


If you have a basic knowledge about mobile UX, you would know that it is quite important to improve the functionality for mobile in order to improve the performance, visualisation and other device implications.
Having said that, our first approach as Salesforce developers is to minify the amount of fields, related lists and also some specific functionality in the standard page layout.
There are two ways to address that:
A) One responsive page
B) Two specific pages
In the second case Salesforce does not allow you to set an specify Visualforce page for each platform frontend: Salesforce1(mobile) or FullSite (Desktop).
However you can do the following:
  1. Set the standard action (View for instance) pointing your Desktop Visualforce page.
  2. Set to false the mobile availability checkbox in that VF page.
  3. Create the second (mobile friendly) Visualforce page. Be sure that you are using a standard controller if you consider to override Edit/View actions.
  4. Check It true for  “available for Mobile apps”
  5. Create a Publisher Action pointing your new VF page.
There you have ;)

5 thoughts on “Salesforce1 Tip: How to set different Visualfore page for Salesforce 1 and desktop UI

  1. shanmukha

    Nice Tips, I need help with challenge
    I’m going to create a new mobile UI for opportunity creation page. And I need to reduce some fields on opportunity page in mobile but not in desktop page layout. Is it possible to do that? and the same user would access both mobile and desktop version with the same credentials. But he should looking at different page layouts on mobile and desktop.

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